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“Since doing cryotherapy, I have quit having back pain, I sleep better at night, and just overall feel better about myself.”

“I was pretty beat up from my workouts the week before, and had hit a number of different muscle groups in a row. Coupled with some lack of sleep, I was really sore and tired at my desk at work. Came in, not only did the cryo help me with mental clarity as a nice pick me up, but I also felt better the following day, and felt much better recovered to restart my workouts for the week. Highly recommend it!”

“After having four kids in a short amount of time, I found myself physically and mentally drained. Lab tests had shown my hormone levels were not within normal range. I had hormonal acne and was not sleeping well. I also had knee and shoulder pain from previous injuries. With little expectation, I purchased a few sessions of cryotherapy. I quickly became hooked, purchased a monthly membership, and now go as often as possible. A quick 3 minute cryo session relieves my joint pain and significantly helps me manage daily stress. I no longer have concerning hormone issues and the quality of my sleep has improved drastically based on my Oura ring. I have more energy and less brain fog. I cannot recommend Recovery Cryo enough!”

“A year ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and PCOS and put on many medications. Most days getting out of bed seemed impossible. The medications all caused other side effects and I was told I would never get rid of them. I randomly tried Recovery Cryo after a hard workout, little did I know the results I would get. I am now off all medications, have no symptoms of Hashimoto’s or PCOS and I cannot imagine my life without cryo! I recommend Recovery Cryo to EVERYONE! It has completely changed my life.”

“I have had inflammatory issues for years that have been such a struggle to manage. Three times a week at Recovery Cryo has changed my life. I can be in and out in less than a couple of minutes, but have benefits that last all day.”

“Highly recommend Recovery Cryo! I first tried cryo hoping to burn extra calories and improve energy. What I did not expect was for cryo to help with my knee pain that I have had for years. After just a few cryo sessions, I noticed that I no longer wake up each morning with aching knees. I have also added Red Light Therapy to my weekly visits and I feel beter than I have in years! 110% recommend Recovery Cryo, plus their staff is amazing and can answer any questions you might have.”

“I am 4 months postpartum and have had annoying sciatic nerve pain since having my baby. After just 2 sessions of cryo and compression, I hardly have any sciatic pain. I’m better managing my stress and anxiety, and am sleeping so good at night!”

“I have gone and done the cryo and compression therapy twice now, and I am loving it! It makes me feel so refreshed and takes away my soreness from working out. I highly recommend going and trying it out!”

“What a fantastic team at Recovery Cryo. They are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Even though I hate, hate, HATE the cold, cryo has shown me great benefits in just 3 minutes that I spend in the chamber. If you know me, you know I play hard and put my body through some pretty strenuous exercises and stress. Honestly, I no longer have hip pain. I have done lots of therapy for my hip, including dry needling, scraping, cupping, massage, and stretch, but none have worked as well, or as quick as the cryo. As a bonus, I have had some of the best nights sleep after cryo too. No more 2:30am wake ups. This is so good for the body and for the mind. So glad my daughter encouraged me to try it out. Firm believe here!”

“I’ve been doing Cryo sessions for two months at Recovery and it’s been a great experience. Such great staff who are helpful and supportive and informative. I made this choice because my son who has Parkinson’s has had such incredible results with cold plunges. But I knew I couldn’t handle the mental trauma of stepping into ice water because I deal with so much chronic fibrmyalgia and fatigue. This is a controlled system that makes me feel safe and comfortable. And I feel so good afterwards.”

“After the first session, I immediately noticed my normal low back pain was improved. I also experienced a lifting of my normal moodiness that accompanies my daily pain. A few days later, I did another session and again noticed the same effects, but this time, they lasted longer, and I felt like my mental clarity returned to what it was pre-Covid. At this point, I was hooked and had to immediately start telling everyone how amazing I felt. That is the reason why I wanted to help make whole-body cryotherapy available and easily accessible to as many people that want to try it.”

“Diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 2021…which was recently ‘promoted’ to MS. After less than one month of cryo treatment, my dizziness has subsided completely, my fatigue is gone, and I am going to postpone my Ocrevus infusion for six months in hopes that my brain lesions will be smaller and/or gone. No need to introduce a new and powerful drug into my system when cryo does the job naturally and with no side effects. So happy for this miracle!”

Cryotherapy is the muscle recovery I didn’t know I needed. It’s a mentally challenging three minutes that will leave you feeling refreshed and glad you did it! If you’ve been on the fence, make the leap. You’ll thank yourself later!”

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