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As a practicing Physician Assistant working 12-hour shifts, I put my body through quite a bit of physical, emotional, and psychological stress. I also suffer from chronic low back pain and am always on the lookout for ways to better control and cope with my ailment. I’ve researched all alternative treatments for treating chronic pain and have tried most all of them with little success. Once I came across whole-body cryotherapy and saw I could access it locally, I had to try it.

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Trident Cryotherapy Chamber

“After the first session, I immediately noticed my normal low back pain was improved. I also experienced a lifting of my normal moodiness that accompanies my daily pain. A few days later, I did another session and again noticed the same effects, but this time, they lasted longer, and I felt like my mental clarity returned to what it was pre-Covid. At this point, I was hooked and had to immediately start telling everyone how amazing I felt. That is the reason why I wanted to help make whole-body cryotherapy available and easily accessible to as many people that want to try it.”

We Offer:

BCS’s first and only, electric, whole-body cryotherapy machine, a safer option than liquid nitrogen.

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BCS’s first and only whole body, lay down infrared red light bed.

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Wide array of hours so we can work around your schedule, not ours.

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Online booking, for quick and simple scheduling.

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